Are you a creator? Statistics reveal that more than 50 million people consider themselves content creators, even though the creator economy is only 10 years old.

Just a few years ago, making good money from content creation felt like a "pie in the sky" goal, only achievable by the lucky few. Now, a large middle-class of creators has emerged. Creators that are making decent earnings without having behemoth followings.

One of the secrets to achieving this kind of earnings stability is establishing sources of recurring income.

Keep reading to discover one of the top ways you can build a recurring income for yourself as a content creator.

Why Membership Programs Are an Ideal Way to Build Recurring Income

There are various ways content creators can generate income. You can place ads on your content, make money from affiliate links, do sponsored content, sell ebooks, etc.

Some of these monetization strategies can create recurring revenue. But, recurring income from things like ads, affiliate links, and sponsored posts can fluctuate widely.

If you're looking to build a stream of recurring income that you can rely on, one of the best ways is through a membership program. When you create membership programs, members pay a set fee to gain access to your content.

Because of this, membership programs provide a stable source of income. Providing that you invest time into growing your membership program, your earnings should also grow.

Besides providing you with a stable source of recurring revenue, membership programs can also help position you as an authority.

People tend to place more value on things that have a monetary cost. Offering people a paid subscription helps to differentiate your content from every other post out there. It hints that your content is more valuable.

If you earn recurring income from your content, this can, in turn, help you make it more valuable. You'll probably have more time to research and create content.

How to Create a Membership Program

If you want to create a membership subscription platform and start earning recurring income from paid subscriptions, Subflow is the solution for you. Building membership sites from scratch is a lot of work and can require a substantial outlay.

With Subflow you can create your own content subscription program within 10 minutes. You create, price, schedule, and publish subscription products, and create a custom checkout page to capture payments.

Marketing Your Membership Program

One of the secrets to creating successful content subscriptions is marketing them effectively. If you already have a following or an audience, these are some of the best people to focus your marketing on.

Subflow makes this very easy through our text messaging feature. Once your paid subscription offering is ready to roll, you can instantly communicate with subscribers via text.

Why texts? Text messages are one of the most reliable and direct ways of reaching subscribers.

Besides targeting current followers and fans, you can also market your paid membership platform through paid ads. As well as content marketing and social media.

One of the content creation trends for this year is creators are moving their fans off social networks onto their own propriety websites, apps, and monetization tools. Join the trend and start migrating some of your followers to a subscription program that earns you recurring income.

Start Building Recurring Income With Subflow

Are you ready to start building recurring income?

If having a steady stream of income from content is your goal, Subflow can help you achieve this.

Within 10 minutes you can create a paid subscription program and efficiently engage with your audience via SMS.

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