With so much of a zoo facility’s revenue being divided amongst animal care, facility upkeep, conservation efforts, and operational costs, bringing in some added revenue with text-based membership program will always benefit the zoo. One way zoo managers can make extra revenue for their facility is by creating a subscription business model for the zoo potential customers.

Subscription products, whether tangible or digital, can create passive income for zoo owners. While monthly subscription business model will add to a company’s bottom line, the subscription models should also add value to your potential customers base. An important component in any subscription services product is determining the best option for your subscription business.

For zoos, engaging an audience can be easy and cheap by making use of the educational materials at your disposal and investing in a digital marketing method. The simplest and most effective way to reach clients today is by text message, giving you a 98% open rate for any content you send via text.

Identify How Clients Would Benefit From Staying Engaged with the Zoo

The first step in creating the perfect text subscription business model for your zoo is to identify what kind of content your audience would like to see. This can be determined in a couple of ways, including:

                     1. Customer Surveys via Current Marketing Program

                     2. Engaging with potential customers at the Zoo & Asking Questions

                      3. Looking to Internet Data & Making Reasonable Inferences

For instance, 1.2 million viewers tuned in to watch a live birth of a baby giraffe at a New York zoo in 2017. This is a clear indication of the value and joy that behind-the-scenes access to animals can bring to your clientele. For a list of strategies zoos can apply to text message marketing with subscription boxes, check out this article.

After determining the program approach that would make the most sense for your clientele, you are ready to vet text message subscription services providers and choose the most effective company for your facility.

Ensure Your Text-Based Membership Program Provider Makes Managing Your Account Simple

There are many things to consider when choosing the text message service that makes the most sense for your company. Above all things, a quality text message provider should be affordable and intuitive to ensure your easy membership management software are easy to manage and provide a good ROI (return on investment) for retaining customers. Text-based membership programs should produce, on average, a 29% conversion rate, compared to the 3% from email marketing.

Look for a company that offers a list of services that are beneficial to the success of your text product. Valuable features of a quality text membership provider include:

  • Product Subscription Membership Management Software
  • Two-Way Texting & One-On-One Conversations
  • Ability to Collect Payment & Transfer Funds
  • Dedicated Account Managers to Assist as Needed
  • Simple Client Management & Alert Systems
  • Efficient Mass Marketing Ability 

Deploy Creative Marketing—Offer Exclusive Animal Content for a Subscription Fee

After you’ve chosen your text service provider, you should work to create and deploy subscription based business products or text-based membership subscription platform that charge your clientele a set fee each month for access. The more engaging and valuable your product is, the more revenue and success you can have with a text marketing program.

Refer back to your first brainstorm about what your clients would like to see from the zoo and create products around your findings. Do research into content approaches that zoos and aquariums are using in their social media approach and build on these efforts with your subscription products. Exclusive animal content, transparency in conservation efforts, and insightful education content are all great ways to keep your existing customer value interested and supportive of your efforts. 

Build Loyalty—Offer Zoo Clients Rewards for Visiting Your Animals

To truly increase your revenue and to retain customers with a text message subscription business model, use it to offer loyalty rewards and increase new customers' engagement with your facility or your content. Loyalty programs enacted via your subscription service will not only benefit your facility’s ROI, but your new customers as well.

Loyalty programs have been shown to increase a company’s profits nearly 3 times faster than companies that do not use them at all. If your zoo already has a loyalty program in place, look into how you can convert your program to fit your text message subscription service and your work is done.

Engage Your Zoo Audience with SubFlow and Text Message Subscription Marketing

If you’re ready or simply looking to find a text message subscription model provider for your digital products, SubFlow can assist you every step of the way. Our dedicated account managers will be familiar with your digital product offerings and can even assist you in building the perfect subscription business idea or text-based paid membership platform for your customer base.

Our software is quick and easy to use to make new customers as well as existing customers and creating your digital products a breeze. You can then set prices for your products and receive an auto-generated link to help drive business. With no upfront cost for product creation, SubFlow allows you to have unlimited products, unlimited subscribers, and a dedicated account manager with the creation of your free account.

After your product is created, you are ready to release your product or service and manage your subscription model while having strong customer relationships. Our consolidated dashboard allows you to keep track of your content and monitor any two-way conversations that are taking place about your products.

To finalize your digital product, Subflow also allows for monthly subscription boxes offering payment collection and transfers through Stripe, allowing you the freedom to focus on other things.

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