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Build Content Subscriptions in Less Than 10 Minutes
Subscriptions do not need to be complicated. With Subflow, anyone can create, launch, and manage subscriptions in 4 easy steps.
Create, price, and publish a subscription product in less than 10 minutes.
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Drive Your
Generate a custom landing page and checkout page to capture subscriber details and payment info.
Text Content
Text messages content in bulk to all subscribers, selective groups, or build personal relationships with subscribers through 1-1 text conversations.
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Collect Payment
Securely capture payments in the frequency you choose and have it deposited directly into your bank account with Stripe.

Why Text Messaging?

Open Rate
Nearly all text messages you send will be read.
Are Read Within 5 Minutes
Engage with your customer in real time.
Click Through Rate
Compared to 2.5% of emails or 3% of push notifications.
Core features that allow you to simplify your subscription workflow of your customer journey and maximize your efficiency.
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Create Subscription Products

Create, price, schedule and publish subscription products in minutes.
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Generate a custom checkout page to securely capture payments and deposit revenue into your bank account.
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Send mass text messages and announcements to all your subscribers at once using the best SMS marketing software.
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Segmented Messaging

Send text messages and content to selective product groups.
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1 on 1

Have personalized 1 on 1 conversations with an individual subscriber.
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Send links to live webinars, your website, social media or other destinations. Drive your audience where you want them to go.
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Real Subscriptions for Real People.

Create SMS subscription service in minutes- not months

Setting up subscription workflows doesn't need to be difficult. With Subflow, you can create, launch, and manage your content subscription in less than 10 minutes.

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Simplify communication by texting.

Leverage the most reliable and active communication tool to send content to all subscribers, selective groups, or have 1-1 conversations using our proprietary SMS marketing platform.

Securely and easily collect payments

We partner with Stripe to process payments, manage refunds, send invoices, and to stay tax compliant.

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