With so many digital marketing options on the market, how can you know which method or software is the right one for your church? 

There’s much to consider here, such as your goals and your use case for marketing or church promotions, but the consensus is that SMS marketing is the better method for quickly delivering snippets of information that has a higher chance of actually being seen. 

Awesome—SMS is the way to go. But, what differentiates SMS providers from each other? What should you look for to best engage your congregation?

The trend in SMS marketing comes from the ability to deliver concise, immediate, and impactful messages via text message and most softwares seek to adhere to this one functionality. Where your church can truly make an impact with text messaging software is by choosing a provider that allows you to create text message subscription products and have one-on-one conversations with any subscribing member of your congregation. 

Subflow is a leading provider in SMS membership products and makes communicating with your fellowship simple, convenient, and even profitable for your chapel. More on that in a minute. First, let’s go over a few ways your congregation can benefit from a text message subscription offering. 

Create Membership Daily Devotionals to Keep Your Flock Fulfilled & Close to God

As a pastor, it’s likely that you’ve felt the plague of being unable to be present for your congregation as they go about their daily lives. You know the Word and you can inspire the masses, but it can be difficult to only connect with your congregation on Sundays or Wednesdays. 

By implementing a “Daily Devotional,” you can offer support to your flock no matter the time of day, the last time you’ve seen them, or the situational occurrence. Much like the offering plate, congregations will feel happy and uplifted to support the church in a way that will also bring them actionable tools and remembrances based in your shared faith. This content can be delivered in a way that maximizes the impact of your upcoming sermon and drives excited attendance as your people rejoice in the love of God throughout the week. 

Promote Church Events, Volunteer Engagements, and Community Support Opportunities Through SMS Subscriptions

Text messages are a great way to keep your fellow church-goers enlightened about the happenings within the church. While we all strive to keep our faith and our appointments throughout the course of our daily lives, it’s common for our busy schedules to cause us to lose sight of prior commitments or engagements. With a monthly text subscription, you can quickly inform your flock about any events or opportunities going on with the church, driving attendance and volunteer success. 

This little bit of SMS marketing tools love is perfect for allowing the people in your congregation the grace to forget—and remember—another jam-packed calendar of events. Add this functionality within any other current text membership content and you’ll fully utilize the software that you choose. 

Enlighten Your Congregation on Upcoming Sermons and Increase Weekly Church Attendance

To further your pastoral reach and get your assembly excited about your next sermon, you can utilize a text subscription service to give your congregation a heads up on an upcoming sermon. This little bit of insight can allow dedicated members to read up on any relevant texts and begin thinking about how the sermon will apply and help them in their daily lives. 

By notifying your congregation ahead of time, you will increase engagement, resonation, and impact with your messaging, adding more benefit to the people of your church (the overall goal, no?). An added luxury of this will be the motivation that it can bring on those slow Sunday mornings. When attendees have an idea of what you’re going to speak on and have had time to get excited to hear your preaching, attendance will likely increase and intentional conversations will likely be driven throughout your flock.  

Offer Immediate Support to Your Congregation with Two-Way Texting Capability

Another key feature for any church to look for in an SMS provider is the ability to have one-on-one conversations with your church-goers. This seemingly simple facet of text memberships could be that one little aspect that could change a struggling member's entire day. Some days are harder than others and having direct access to your pastor or contributing member is an amazing tool to bring a congregation together and uplift others in their time of need. 

Why Subflow is the Best Choice for Your Church Text Membership Provider

The beauty of Subflow stems from our design and implementations team to intuit the needs of your church, congregation, and assembly connection. When creating this SMS subscription service platform, we knew that delivering valuable content to your flock can be just as important as the weekly sermon. 

Our platform allows you to perform all of the above functionalities with ease, with no initial start up cost. By being a non-profit organization, churches actually will pay a discounted rate to Subflow once subscription income begins to come in, leaving you the most money to put back in your church, treat your congregation, or give back to your community. 

We’re also aware of the strain that managing another platform or investment can bring to a church administration team which is why Subflow was created to accept, collect, and deposit all subscription profits—without any extra work from your admin department or head pastor. 

With Subflow, your church can:

• Quickly Create Custom Subscription Products

• Set Any Price You’d Like for Your Memberships

• Create Unlimited Products with Unlimited Subscribers

• Build Recurring Revenue & Invest as Seen Fit

• Successfully Engage an Assembly in Seconds

• Foster Deeper Relationships with Two-Way Texting

• Easily Manage All Conversations/Products in the Management Dashboard

Get started for free with Subflow today and further your ability to foster faith and devotion within your assembly!