With 4 billion active internet and social media users worldwide, marketing and success in eCommerce has never been so attainable. This is the good news for aspiring entrepreneurs and coaches like yourself to offer membership exclusive content—the clientele is there and they’re ready to support your business. However, the struggle often remains in choosing how best to market and manage these consumers to grow your business. 

To stay relevant in business today, entrepreneurs in every industry have a lot of marketing avenues and digital tools to consider. As a coach, the unique engagement that is expected in your field offers a world of opportunity for effective ways to engage and maximize your current clientele. 

A trending—and backed by data—marketing approach that is proving to offer results is communicating with your clientele or potential clients via text message subscription. SMS marketing and text based subscription programs are increasing in popularity due to the response by consumers and the benefit to specially for membership exclusive content businesses. With Americans checking their phones every 5 minutes on average, text message marketing is a faster and more direct way to communicate with your client than any other method. 

Coaches can particularly benefit from SMS subscriptions because of the range of exclusive and educational content they can produce to share with their clients. By implementing SMS marketing or a text based subscription, coaches can offer more information to their clients in less time, increasing the likelihood that the client will feel satisfied with their experience. 

Begin by Choosing an SMS Provider with Functions You Need

As SMS marketing has grown, so have providers—however, they’re not all created equal. Managing your text program should be straightforward and simple so maximizing your marketing is a breeze. Make sure to vet a company’s pricing, as well as pay attention to the number of subscribers or products that fall within each pricing tier. 

Effective text marketing and membership exclusive content for coaches should have two-way texting capabilities to allow for quick back-and-forth communication. Request a demo to assess the functionality of the operations and make sure that on-going communications will be easy to manage so no customer inquiry is lost or forgotten. 

If you do experience issues with your provider, it would be beneficial to guarantee that their customer service will be able to help you promptly and efficiently to reduce lost sales or miscommunications with clientele. 

Once you have chosen a provider and have set up an account, you’re ready to strategize and build a coaching SMS membership program that provides the most value for your clients. 

Next, Brainstorm Exclusive Coaching Content Ideas 

As a coach, your clients are already invested in what you have to say. This perspective is unique to many businesses, as they have to focus on grabbing the users attention—and then keeping it. In your nature of business, your clients would likely benefit and appreciate a text subscription to exclusive coaching content. 

This is informative, educational, or motivational content that you can “batch” create content (creating all of the content at one time) and schedule to go out weeks in advance. Not only will your client base appreciate the extra access to your skills, but you’ve effectively enabled yourself to provide more value to your clients—in less time. This added value and enhanced customer experience will work to increase brand loyalty within your client base and is likely to get you extra referrals. 

Depending on what kind of coaching you offer, you can create a variety of helpful content that will benefit your clients. As a health coach, you could entice your audience with weekly check ins or supporting information to help them achieve their goals. 

Consider content like:

  • Motivational Video Content
  • Weekly Meal Plans & Shopping Lists
  • Workouts and Weekly Goal Programs
  • Check Ins to Improve the Client Experience
  • Links to Tests/Articles/News as Relevant

Strategize Your Membership Exclusive Content Marketing to Increase Revenue

After you know what kind of premium content you will offer to your coaching clients, you’re ready to optimize a flow from your content into actionable marketing that can scale your business. 

Imagine that you’re a life coach that was beginning to offer services related to mindfulness. Ideally, some of the exclusive content that you provide to your clients would help them understand the benefits of mindfulness. This approach will help you lead your clients and potential customers down a path of development within your business. 

You should also use your text based membership program as a way to send exclusive offers to your members. This can be deals, discounts, or open availability that will enhance the member’s exclusive access experience, while simultaneously increasing your revenue and minimizing your marketing spend. 

Try SubFlow SMS Marketing to Maximize Your Influence with Your Coaching Clients  

SubFlow was designed with Coaches, Freelancers, and Influencers in mind, making it the perfect host for your SMS marketing. Simply create a membership program and begin to run your program with no upfront cost.

SubFlow allows entrepreneurs to build unlimited subscription products with unlimited subscribers with a help of membership exclusive content, making it a low cost option for every type of business owner. Each account will also come with a dedicated account manager to ensure that your clients never miss a beat.

Subscription products are easily managed in the users account dashboard, where all one-on-one conversations will be stored for quick access. SubFlow easily collects payment from subscribers monthly, allowing coaches to focus more on clientele and less on business dealings. 

For a demo of SubFlow and its functionalities, submit your email to our team today! An account representative will be happy to assist you in your product creation.