It’s no secret that the name of the game today is content creation. Whether an individual seeking to be an influencer or a business looking to gain leads, everyone with an online presence is in the business of creating content. Fighting algorithms for exposure can be a taxing and time consuming process and has ultimately led to significant year-over-year industry growth.

With content creators flooding the industry and demand incredibly high, maximizing your content service with your own content is the best way to increase customer loyalty, build recurring revenue, and hone your craft. 

Content creators can further their services by offering an SMS membership to their clients and potential clients. For a small monthly subscription fee, your clients could have access to targeted and valuable content deployed directly from you that can boost the usefulness of your service and increase your sales. 

Follow along for four text marketing ideas to improve your business with SMS subscription content.

#1 — Use SMS Subscriptions to Build a Loyal Following for Your Brand 

Text messages remain the most effective method of communication, benefitting from a 98% open rate and an average of three minutes open time. Email, on the other hand, is the most common way businesses are communicating with their customers and overwhelmingly wind up unopened, unread, or filed into junk mail. Social media, while incredibly beneficial, can be difficult and time-intensive to develop the content necessary to gain traction for exposure and engagement. 

With SMS subscriptions, content creators can build on their current customer base by deploying text message content that is beneficial to their customer and drives sales or direct traffic to a website. Some text membership platforms allow creators to have the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently with their customers, should they respond to an SMS. This level of customer service and engagement, along with quick and meaningful content can help content creators stand out and gain loyalty in the eyes of their customer. 

While leads are great and necessary, it has been said that retaining a new customer costs 5X more than selling to the existing customers you already have. By building your loyal customer base, you can maximize the business you have instead of pouring as much time and effort into a lead generating venture. Not to mention the amount of referrals that result from loyalty and brand presence. 

#2 — Offer Curated Content, Deals, and Giveaways to Drive Engagement 

Like any marketing strategy, SMS subscription content can—and should—be structured in the same way. In tandem with the text content your customers subscribe to, you can offer clever incentives and fun campaigns to drive brand or service engagement. 

Discounts, promotions, and contests have long been a marketing play in most industries. In today’s world of Instagram marketing, it has been found that these methods of content cause accounts to grow 7X faster than their competitors that don’t run engagement campaigns. 

With SMS subscriptions, you can offer the same kind of content to your audience, without worrying about the efficiency of your content deployment, when people are online, and what the algorithm will do that day. You can benefit from the engagement of promotional runs in a much simpler way. 

Consider content ideas like:

  • Holiday Discounts
  • Bulk Discounts
  • Referral Programs
  • Giveaways
  • Targeted Contests
  • Freebie for Action 
  • Web Visit, Social Follow, etc

#3 — Boost Website Visits with Content Updates via SMS 

SMS subscriptions can help you drive subscribers to your website based on the content you deploy to their phone. Depending on the goal of your subscription service—whether to offer education on producing content or as an addition to your creation service—you can deploy text content that has a relevant call to action. Paired with a near 100% open rate, text messages conversion rates range from 1%-9%.

Let your customers know when a new blog is published, if a sale is running on your website, inform them about product or service launches, or drive them to video content throughout the web. 

#4 — Create New Revenue with Exclusive and Behind the Scenes Content

Like all communication and social segues, SMS subscription product content should be well thought out, engaging, and unique. Content creators actually have a leg up with this form of marketing because of the innate understanding they have about the effectiveness of great content. This thoughtful approach should extend into text message memberships. 

Don’t feel bound by the limitations of text messages. You can still develop long form or video content that can help you achieve the result or provide the value you’re looking for. As mentioned above, two-way texting should be an integral part of any SMS membership product to lessen the typical limitations of basic text marketing.

Consider creative SMS membership products like: members only content, live access content such as Q & A’s, exclusive content, or behind the scenes content. If done correctly, SMS memberships can help you drive new ventures, build more sources of income, and grow in content views.

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