SMS Subscription Service industry providers often have a difficult time keeping clients engaged and up-to-date on their offerings, while time and money goes into email marketing that doesn’t always produce the desired results. With the average open rate for emails from service providers ranging from just 6%-16%, it’s time that providers get creative with their client communications.

A simple and effective way to build the kind of client relationship necessary for recurrent business is by offering customers a text message membership program specific to your service business for a small monthly fee. 

With 99% open rates and almost 10 times the conversion rate of email, SMS is the fastest and most efficient way to get in touch with your customer. We’ve compiled a list of ten types of service providers that can benefit from SMS subscriptions builder and how each can uniquely increase their client engagement through text messaging. 

#1— Pest Control Companies: Reduce Missed Appointments with Reminders

Managing multiple locations and effective client communication are two of the largest problems faced by pest control providers. With a text message subscription service, exterminators can avoid scheduling setbacks and revenue loss from missed appointments by sending appointment reminders and communicating with customers via text message. 

#2— Hair Stylists & Makeup Artists: Keep Clients Up-to-Date on Events & Schedule Openings

By enlisting an SMS membership, hairdressers and make-up artists can widely notify their base about events, educate their clients on new skills or interesting industry changes, and fill cancelled appointments in a flash. To continue to build business, these beauty providers can even implement recommended loyalty programs via text message at a low cost, without any added marketing material hassle. 

#3– Freelancers: Drum Up Business from Past Clients by Running Promotions

In the era of the gig economy, the amount of American freelancers is growing exponentially year after year. With a text message membership, freelancers can keep their service offerings at the forefront of their customers’ minds, helping them facilitate a longer-lasting client relationship. Leave the fear of dried up business in the dust and run text message promotions or VIP offerings to past clients to avoid the ebbs and flows of non-contract-based work. 

#4— Housekeepers: Remind Customers of Seasonal Cleaning Needs

Housekeepers and cleaning maintenance service businesses can avoid the slow seasons of Fall and Winter by sending seasonal cleaning reminders to their customers with a text message membership. While Spring cleaning gets all the hype, cleaning providers can benefit from reminding customers of the work that should be getting done year round. 

Content plans full of tips and tricks to keep your home clean and fresh is a great way to provide value and position your business as a useful tool in your clients tool belt. 

#5— Financial Providers: Offer Valuable Tax Information & Educational Money Content

Advisors Magazine cites client education as a key component in an effective client-advisor relationship. Financial advisors and CPAs are in the unique position to offer incredible value to their clients—and themselves—with an SMS membership program. 

From tax laws, payment reminders, and bookkeeping practices, financial providers can continuously educate their clients through text with minimal effort and maximum return—whether that be monetary gain or lessened workload. 

#6— Mechanics: Gain Customer Trust & Build Repeat Business with Text Messages

Sadly, a whopping 38% of clients have a distrust of mechanics due to a common inability to validate car maintenance needs. By implementing a text message subscription service, mechanics can provide transparency for their clientele, while simultaneously positioning themselves as trusted experts in their field. 

Aside from informing clients and developing stronger relationships, mechanics can maximize an SMS service by sending tailored maintenance reminders, implementing a loyalty program, and improving client communication with SMS updates. 

#7— Insurance Agents: Keep Clients Informed on Industry/Law Changes

With only 9% of Americans understanding insurance basics, insurance agents play a huge role in providing clients with adequate coverage and peace of mind. 

Insurance related SMS marketing tools by subscription products can help insurance agents educate their clients on any changes within the industry or widespread plan updates, furthering client confidence in an agent’s ability to protect their assets and pocketbooks from unforeseen fees and gaps in coverage. This heightened confidence in an agent could be the deciding factor when faced with the switch of coverage options at competitive costs. 

#8— Tutors: Offer Increased Value to Your Students with Educational Texts

If you’re a tutor looking to take your hourly rate from the average $17 per hour to upwards of $50 per hour, you’ll need to prove just how valuable your service can be. By implementing an SMS membership program for students, tutors can circumvent the eight hour work day and create text message programs that will continue student education outside of scheduled sessions. 

Tutors can further their educational reach by designing text message content plans that can teach an unlimited amount of students, without clocking extra hours or drive time. Not only will students learn more in less time, but students will appreciate the added value and freedom to learn on their own, as they go. 

#9— Realtors: Create Text Memberships that Provide Immediate Listing Updates

From 2019 to 2020, the average selling time on a property was cut in half, with some cities experiencing an average of eight days on the market before a home is put under contract. To provide the most value to buyers, realtors can create SMS subscriptions that allow for immediate listing updates to be sent to subscribers by text message. 

In the housing boom of 2021, finding a property, getting it to the right buyer, and making a quick decision is the best chance realtors have of keeping their customers happy and bringing home a paycheck. By offering clients immediate access to new property listings through text message, realtors can avoid customer loss and gain referrals with efficient selling systems. 

#10— Plumbers: Manage Appointments & Provide Better Customer Service with SMS

When clients have to call a plumber, they’re likely not thrilled with the situation they’re in, making the plumber-client relationship that much more important. Plumbers can strengthen client relationships by being transparent and offering genuine maintenance advice to their customers. When clients feel informed, they are more likely to take plumbers up on maintenance recommendations and can avoid costly future repairs. 

Plumbers can gain this rapport by building text message memberships that offer tips on how to uphold current systems or maintenance indicators to prevent system failures. This building of trust between client and handyman will help build customer loyalty and decrease client dissatisfaction. 

Improve Provider-Client Relationships with SubFlow 

With SubFlow’s adaptable SMS membership products, service providers in any industry can build text message membership programs that work however they need them to. From loyalty programs to appointment management, SubFlow’s intuitive text platform offers a no-upfront-cost investment to service providers looking to improve their client relations and scale their business. 

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