As a coach, your business depends on high-quality communication with clients. 

Additionally, lead generation is vital for your coaching business to grow. However, you may be wondering how to nurture warm leads and generate new ones. SMS drip campaigns can take your coaching business to the next level, and we’ll show you exactly how.

What is an SMS Drip Campaign?

SMS drip campaigns are a series of text messages sent to subscribers at predetermined intervals based on the subscriber’s actions. For example, someone who fills out the lead generation form for “7 Essential Business Development Tips” will automatically receive a series of texts that deliver a collection of business materials every day for seven days. 

How SMS Drip Campaigns Benefit Coaches

Setting up automation is easy, and the payoff is incredible. Whether you’re a personal trainer, business coach, or mentor–there are so many benefits of SMS marketing for coaches. Below are a few reasons to consider using an SMS drip campaign to promote your coaching business. 

  • Affordability: SMS platforms are cost-effective and provide an excellent return on investment (ROI). Compared to email & social, SMS gets the best engagement and click rates by a long shot. Subflow even offers a 60-day money-back guarantee!

  • Effectiveness: Deliver client-centric messages and coaching materials with a 95% open rate. That’s an incredible foundation for building a sustainable coaching business! 


  • Automation: Take on more clients through automation. Generate clients first as leads using subscriptions that give subscribers a teaser of your premium offerings for free. Then, convert them into paid customers by enrolling them in a second automation sequence that upsells them on your premium coaching programs.

  • Lead Generation: Target your ideal audience with community-building content. Nurture existing leads and convert them into paying clients by building trust through free offerings, which give them a preview of your premium course offerings.

  • Stand Out Among the Competition: Show subscribers your unique approach to coaching. Highlight your differentiators and give readers various opportunities to see your work. Your clients can access your content on the device they use most–no email, no need for an app, and no getting lost trying to get to Facebook groups. Your clients will be top of mind every time.

  • Create Passive Income: SMS drip campaigns are a great way to generate passive income. Provide clear CTAs that link directly to your services page or offers. Subflow offers a compliance-ready platform to accept secure payments directly from clients.

Lead Generation Ideas for Coaches

SMS drip campaigns sound like they’ll pay off, right? You may be wondering exactly how to generate leads through a platform like Subflow. We’ve pulled some top moves from our playbook. 

Lead Magnet

The first step is to get subscribers. Create a lead magnet for clients to receive once they opt-in. Some of the most popular lead magnet ideas for coaches are “How-to” guides, 30-day challenges, eBooks, and free video training. Think of what your target audience wants to know and deliver a snippet of that content with a lead magnet. The trick with a lead magnet is to leave them wanting more of your services.

Provide Exclusive Content

We all want to feel like we have VIP access. Exclusivity sells and is a great tool to utilize in your coaching business. Give potential clients an incentive to stick around after they opt-in to texts. Examples are a free 15-minute Q&A call, access to a VIP weekly newsletter, or entry to win a free coaching session.

Nurture Existing Leads

SMS drip campaigns are designed for existing leads just as much as they are for generating new ones. Get subscribers through your sales funnel with targeted texts to provide value, incentivize them to commit, and offer more insight into your services.

Build Community

SMS drip campaigns free your business of crowded inboxes and unpredictable social media algorithms. It’s the fastest way to get information to your clients! Build community with Subflow–delivering the content of your choice directly to your readers rather than competing with Facebook group notifications for their attention. Subflow coaching clients use our platform to cheer clients on, remind them of important updates, share wins, and organize events.

Host Paid Subscriptions

Unlike a basic SMS platform, Subflow also allows you to offer paid subscriptions to clients and securely accept payments in our platform! Provide various tiers to increase client opt-in. 

The Unstuck Challenge

Before You Go

SMS drip campaigns are the fastest and most effective way to generate leads, nurture existing ones, and build a genuine community with your audience—all in “passive income” mode. If you’re still on the fence, remember the 95% open rate! 

Wondering how to generate more leads & revenue with your coaching program? Schedule a free call with an SMS drip campaign expert below!