Text Memberships Allow Your Followers to Pay for Your Content

If you’d like more control over your influencer business and would like to rely less on promotional partnerships, text message subscription and memberships can monetize your audience according to the guidelines you create. For a low monthly fee, your followers can choose to subscribe to text content that you create—picture business updates, themed content, live notifications, etc. Delivering to your followers in this way ensures that you can grow your impact on your audience outside of social media and truly influence your own business. 

Not only can text memberships give you more control over your income and your business, but promotional text campaigns can even boost your success with your current partnerships. This combination of increased and recurrent revenue can give you the flexibility to live the day-to-day life you'd like to have. 

*Check out this case study about an influencer that made over $5,000 in one month from affiliate links alone. Just think about it—affiliate links & text messages. 

Near 100% Text Open Rate = No More Algorithm Struggles

Like everyone on social media, you likely understand the grace—and struggle—of the algorithms. To stay current, make sure your content gets seen, and then hope for engagement, the game changes all the time and has to be consistently maintained. By taking your followers off of the platform and building text communication, your business and influence is no longer at the will of the platforms, but dependent on your subscriptions. 

In these subscription text message models, your followers will subscribe to membership products you create. They will be expecting your content and it will be less likely that they miss any messages, promotions, or time-sensitive content because of the reported 98% open rate of text messages. This means that your membership would be going directly to your followers phones—sans notification blocks. Instead of having to go to Instagram or TikTok to connect with you, your followers have your messaging the second you send it out. 

The Best Subscription Provider Will Allow for Two-Way Texting

Text message subscription products can also boost your relationship with your followers. Instead of having to manage countless DMs and comments, a text based membership can offer two-way texting, allowing for effortless communication. 

With 49% of consumers claiming to depend on influencer recommendations, it’s crucial that your base trusts you in order to grow your influence. By being able to respond to the text content that you send out (and receive a personalized response in return), your followers will feel more connected with you and a trustful relationship can continue to grow. 

*Not all text providers will offer this but you will not want to skip out on making sure your products have this service. Also vet a subscription service provider’s texting management interface to ensure that it’s easy to use and text messages will not go unanswered. 

SMS Memberships Can Be Created Ahead of Time & Easily Managed

While monetizing your followers is a great benefit of text memberships is the freedom they can provide you. Because the products can be created in advance (much as your content already is), you have the ability to start a campaign and let your content do its thing without worrying about engagement, first hour likes, or hashtags. 

Once your membership is created and you have subscribers, you will still be able to add value to your audience, connect with them personally, and even make money—without having to deal with the negative effects of too much social media.  

Choose a subscription membership provider that makes managing memberships a breeze so you can spend as little time as possible managing your products. Pay attention to the software and truly understand what features you can offer before making a choice on a provider—doing so will help you avoid burnout and create more free time. 

Start Branching Away from Social Media *for Free* with SubFlow

If you’re unsure about how to use Subflow to connect with your followers, you can start creating membership products with a *free* account today. Our software allows influencers to easily create scheduled text content for their followers, along with payment collection and one-on-one texting—all through an easy-to-manage owner dashboard. 

With Subflow, you can set any price you’d like for your text membership, as well as create an unlimited number of products with an unlimited number of subscribers. 

Get all this started for free and don’t pay Subflow until you begin to make money from our software services. We want you to succeed, and we want to help you do it! Contact one of our texting experts for more information on how Subflow can help you shift your audience from social media to text messages.

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