As a nutritionist or fitness coach in 2021, the methods to grow your business with mobile subscriptions can often be overwhelming, leaving you unsure of where to begin or what the correct approach for your business will be. As digital tools and intuitive software solutions flood the market, growth strategies are becoming more and more automated. However, many of these customizable softwares can cost hundreds of dollars and come with a steep learning curve. 

An intuitive and simple solution for businesses just starting out—or even long-standing businesses—is building a mobile subscriptions program. This can be an excellent way to engage your customer list. Whether your goal is to bring the most information to clients in a straightforward way or to increase your overall profit margin, text message subscriptions can help you with both. 

With 85% of smartphone users preferring text over calls, and email marketing only having an open rate from 15%-20%, text message subscriptions are the marketing and client engagement of the future. 

While your education experience likely gave you the knowledge necessary to help your clients, nutritionists and fitness coaches often struggle with how they should maintain and increase their client base. Apply the following four strategies for SMS subscription programs and watch your offerings, client base, and revenue increase. 

Make Your Text Message Subscription Program an Exclusive Offering

As you work one-on-one with clients, you may realize that you just don’t have the time to help them as much as you would like. Whether that’s due to your time constraints or your clients schedule and ability to pay for sessions, you can use a text subscription to offer consistent help to interested clients on an ongoing basis for a small fee. 

With this strategy, you’ll want to create a backlog of helpful or educational content that can be sent out on a set schedule in your program. Get creative with your exclusive content and brainstorm graphics or tailored plans you can create that will best benefit your client. This can look like weekly meal plans or at-home exercise regimens. 

You’ll want to position your text messaging program as a premium feature in your business and your clients will anticipate receiving your weekly messages to support them along their health journey. With personalized nutrition growing at a rate of 15%, offering more solutions for your clients is a great way to sell your brand and outshine your competition as a nutritionist or a personal trainer. 

Develop Stronger Relationships with Clients That Join Your Text Program

Using your mobile subscription program to engage more thoughtfully with clients is another added perk to your business and to your customers. With SMS subscription providers like SubFlow, you have that ability to manage your program and engage with clients within your client dashboard. This direct access to you when questions or struggles arise allow you to stay in tune with your customers and can help you keep them on track with mobile subscriptions. 

When considering a text message service, two-way SMS should be a requirement in your search. 64% of customers have reported they would prefer to contact a business via text, as opposed to contacting a customer service line or sending an email. With the low cost, high open rates, and positive customer feedback, allowing for two-way communication within your program is the most efficient way to monitor your clients. 

Decrease No Show Rates & Missed Appointments with Text Reminders

SMS subscription programs allow businesses to send important reminders about appointments, missing materials, or account status. By automating this portion of your business with text messaging, your clients are at least four times more likely to receive the notification than if the update or reminder came via email. 

Businesses with text message reminders for appointment dates can decrease their missed appointments by at least 38%, resulting in lessened profit loss, fewer unsatisfied clients from no show fees, and less stress for the business owner. 

Offer Promotions & Discounts for Your Premium Clients with Mobile Subscriptions


It’s been shown that customers are 10X more likely to use a coupon if they receive it via text. Using a text subscription program to send exclusive offers and deals to your clients is another way to bring increased revenue into your business. Not only will your clients enjoy the exclusive access to promotions, but by sending them in a text message, the likelihood that customers will act on that promotion greatly increases, bringing in revenue that you would not or may not have had without the promotion. 

Use SubFlow for Your Nutritionist or Fitness Text Program

If you’re ready to implement a subscription text program for your Nutritionist or Fitness Business keeping in mind mobile subscriptions, you can get started with SubFlow today with no out of pocket costs! With branded offerings and custom link creating capabilities, SubFlow is the stress-free SMS solutions for all types of small businesses. If you’re on the fence about how to apply this method of marketing to your business, reach out to us today and a dedicated account manager can help you with your program creation.