Content Creator Statistics

The sky is the limit for generating steady income as a creator.

Thankfully, the world is more connected than ever before, and it’s only a matter of choosing the tools that connect you to your audience and goals. These tools for creators are the key to monetizing your hobby or expanding your business. The right platform, paired with a well-executed marketing strategy, will connect you with your ideal customer or client, generate leads, and create a steady revenue stream. Wondering how to make money as a content creator?

The statistics speak for themselves: 

  • 52% of creators who make between $50,000 and $100,000 spend less than 10 hours creating content.

  • 48% of social media users said they will likely pay for premium subscriptions.

  • The creator economy is worth approximately an incredible $250 billion.

Are you ready to cash in on the creator economy?

Bring your work into the spotlight with these five tools for creators.

#1 Learning Platforms for Creators

Teach an online course, sharing your skillset with other aspiring creatives. Online courses are a great way to generate passive income and typically have low overhead costs. Simply get your course outlined and created, then evaluate its performance over a period of time.  

There are a myriad of companies to choose from, but some of the most popular learning platforms for creators are:

  • Teachable
  • Skillshare
  • Udemy
  • Domestika

Online courses allow your audience to learn on their terms and are also a great addition to your sales funnel. For example, offering a paid course to email and SMS subscribers is a strategic way to highlight your expertise, connect with warm leads, and generate more income. Incentivize students to recommend your course with bonus material or giveaways. Teaching your skillset takes some time upfront but can be a great passive revenue stream for your creative business.

#2 Subscription-Based Content Model

Exclusivity sells. The psychological pull of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is why subscription-based content works. If a subscription or membership means we get access to bonus learning material, early access to an event, or VIP treatment, sign us up! Like a teaching platform, memberships give your audience exclusive content they can use practically to improve their daily lives. 

The key here is to offer a lot of value at an affordable price. Subscription-based platforms may seem like a lot of work, but strategically batching content will make all the difference. Subscription-based platforms are versatile—whether you’re a vegan baker, lifestyle photographer, or mindset coach, you can give followers VIP treatment with members-only access.

One of the most important aspects of any tool you choose for your creative business is growing your audience while creating genuine connections.

#3 SMS and Content Delivery Platform

Meet your customers where they are—at the gym, doctor’s office waiting room, or on the commute home. Your ideal customer likely has their phone within reach, which is why texting marking (SMS) is a successful marketing tool. It’s the fastest way to market your business and boasts a 98% open rate

Leverage the accessibility of your audience even further by pairing SMS and a content delivery platform. 

What is a content delivery platform?

Content delivery platforms allow you to send unique mass texts with videos, photos, PDFs, forms, and more to your audience segments or have deeper conversations with 1-on-1 messaging. 

The true power of content delivery platforms is the unlimited potential to build rapport with your audience. Customers may be on their phones throughout the day, but that doesn’t mean they want constant sales pitches. SMS is just the door for them to open for more meaningful interactions with your brand. Content delivery using apps like Subflow makes it easy to create stronger connections with your audience.

We help creators like you go beyond the promo pitches and straight to what your customers want—quality content.

Content delivery platforms allow you to:

  • Batch text messages through our platform with robust segmenting options
  • Drop the media of your choice into your messages
  • Create membership tiers or one-time payment options for your audience
  • Message 1:1 with subscribers

Combined with automations, you can create free and paid subscriptions that deliver content when your audience wants it. 

#4 Social Media Collaborations

Grow your social media presence with the help of other creatives. The number of social media followers isn’t a clear indication of a business’s success, but it does allow you to cast a wider net and increase customer retention. Customers crave consistency, and your brand’s social media presence reinforces followers’ perception of:

  • Brand ethics and values
  • Quality of customer service
  • Business reputation

Collaborating with other business owners within your niche benefits your followers and can also present more opportunities for you as a business owner. 

Some examples of successful collaborative efforts are:

  • Giveaways & raffles
  • Free webinars
  • Podcast interviews
  • Live streams of product or service launches

These are also beneficial for growing your SMS subscriber list! Consider making a list of potential creators and influencers in your niche to partner with. 

Not to mention, so many brands are looking for creators to partner with to create original content. Create a niche for brand and connect with other brands in your niche. 

#5 eCommerce Sales

Selling a physical product is also a way to make money as a creator. Whether you’re an artist selling original canvases or a graphic designer selling digital “how-to” workbooks, eCommerce may make a massive step toward your revenue goals. Selling your products is the perfect opportunity to be creative—sell full-time on an eCommerce platform or do soft product launches a few times a year. 

Optimize your sales through an SMS and content delivery platform.

  • Alert customers of sales unique to their demographic
  • Take on 1:1 messaging to address incoming product or service testimonials
  • Provide customers with a link to a “how to” video corresponding to your product
  • Address supply issues head-on in a linked article, video, or press release

Customers love a brand that is eager to be helpful. Create raving fans with proactive and concise communication.

Make Sustainable Revenue using Subflow

There are countless tools at your disposal as a creator. The magic happens when you find the perfect combination of tools to engage your audience. Our team believes customers deserve the best, and that’s only achieved by cutting through the marketing noise and getting to the heart of it all—genuine connection.

You can get started with 14-days free and a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Here’s to creating connections!