As of this writing, there are a reported 4.59 billion social media users worldwide with a projected increase of 6 billion more users by 2027. For perspective, the current world population count is nearing 8 billion people in total.

The rise of social media has created an abundant provider-client pool that is responsible for booms in a variety of niche markets—coaching being one. With over half of the world's population accessible by social media, coaches looking to grow their client roster shouldn’t worry about the ability to connect with their target market.

However, social media channels should be viewed as a connection tool and not as a primary method of nurturing, engaging, and converting those connections into customers.  

Transitioning a social media connection from a hello at the social media level to a let’s have a conversation on the SMS level is an effective and non-threatening way to begin a long-standing relationship. IG and Facebook DMs are filled with people offering surface level connection in exchange for quick business or email.  

Business SMS services can help coaches build more personal relationships with their clientele while easing the stress of their operations. With 4.2 billion people texting worldwide and several social media apps vying for viewer attention, SMS remains the most direct form of consumer communication. This immediate access to a customer ensures that text messaging will withstand the trends of the digital marketing age.

In 2021, Forbes reported that 93% of consumers prefer businesses that offer text services while a 2016 study by Adestra found that more than half of consumers don’t even provide their correct email when prompted to subscribe.

When your lead generation emails aren’t being opened (or even subscribed to) and your client roster is experiencing communication pains, it’s time to consider the benefits of utilizing and optimizing the most effective method of client communication—text messaging.

With Subflow, coaches can benefit from the 98% open rate of text messages, easily set up segmented SMS subscription content, and generate revenue by charging per subscription or strategic product promotion. Below are five key features of Subflow you can utilize to expand your coaching business today.

1. Knock out Client Sessions with the 1:1 Conversations Feature

If your client communications range from email reminders to direct text messages to video calls, it can become cumbersome to service your clients in the way you’d like to. Because managing multiple communication channels can be time-consuming and mentally exhausting for all parties, this business faux pas has been labeled a major contributor to burnout.

Subflow’s direct messaging feature creates a perfect channel for consolidating client engagement in a responsive and manageable platform. By consolidating your client communications to an SMS subscription with direct messaging capabilities, you can easily reflect on client progress, quickly jump from conversation to conversation, and help navigate your audience to your other content channels—burnout, who?

2. Service More Clients in Less Time with the Broadcast Feature

Coaching services and styles can differ like personality types, meaning having a flexible and adaptive client communication software is highly important. With Subflow’s broadcast feature, coaches can create SMS subscription products based on a specific service, demographic, or any client content category.

Broadcasting greatly increases coaches' ability to scale by decoupling revenue from time spent. Mass SMS communication means you’re no longer limited by 1:1 interactions but empowered by the possibilities that result from 1:many.

Ways Coaches Can Use Broadcasts:

  • Group Coaching
  • Sales on Services/Promotion of Products
  • Event/Meeting Reminders and Updates
  • Business Announcements
  • Educational SMS Series

3. Create an Engagement Channel to Help Hold Your Clients Accountable

Get creative! Coaches can use SMS subscriptions in many ways but building an engagement channel should be the ultimate goal. (To learn more about audience engagement, check out this article.) Think of your SMS channel as your information superhighway with links to your digital presence and program tools as needed, with a only 1% chance of not reaching your intended recipient.

To encourage clients to engage with SMS subscriptions, coaches can build an accountability channel through Subflow that helps clients maintain progress. Using the channel as a journal or a workbook allows your clients to work with your content in one place—and affords you visibility into their engagement and program history at the same time.

4. Create Single SMS Products to Offer Continued Support Post-Program

After your coaching clients have completed their program and left your nest, you can create an SMS subscription product for them as well. By implementing a follow up program via text message, coaches can easily maintain past client relationships with quick access to a detailed account history of the working relationship. A maintained mode of communication via text subscription is a great way to serve past clients bite-sized reminders of what they learned in your program and allows you to continue encouraging them along their journey.

This level of attention, service, and value post-program can contribute to higher client success rates, future opportunities, and potential revenue.  

5. Automatically Collect Payments on Schedule & Look Out for the Direct Deposit

Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of using Subflow is the ability to skip accounting headaches with the platform’s recurring payment collection service. Partnered with Stripe, Subflow allows providers to collect payments from clients on a designated schedule at any desired amount. The revenue is directly deposited into your bank with minimal effort on the administrative end and you’re free from invoicing and chasing down late payments.

10 Minute Challenge: Get Started Elevating Your Coaching Business with Subflow Today

Whether you’re a newbie in your coaching practice or have many years of experience under your belt, the thought of learning a new software and developing new client workflows can be a daunting task. Who has the time?

Luckily, the product engineers at Subflow are adept at maximizing your time and ability as an entrepreneur and have created a user-friendly, easy-to-begin software that was built for the busy and tired.

In under 10 minutes, you can begin to implement any one of these Subflow strategies into your coaching business with little-to-no mental drain. Speak with a dedicated Subflow rep today or simply sign up to get started.