Subflow Welcomes Craig Bongelli as VP of Coaching

In an exciting development for the coaching community, Subflow is thrilled to announce the appointment of Craig Bongelli as our new VP of Coaching. Bongelli, a name synonymous with transformative coaching and resilience, brings a wealth of experience and a unique success story that aligns perfectly with Subflow’s mission.

Craig Bongelli: From Passion to Powerhouse

Craig Bongelli’s journey in the world of coaching and athletic achievement is nothing short of inspirational. Beginning his athletic career in boxing, inspired by countless viewings of Rocky, Craig transitioned to strongman competition, a move sparked by an encounter with Scotland’s Strongest Man, Jamie Barr. This pivot was the beginning of a remarkable transformation that saw Craig doubling his bodyweight and competing as an amateur strongman, all by the age of 22.

However, it wasn't just physical strength that Craig developed; after a severe back injury, his relentless pursuit of knowledge led him to a decade-long mentorship with Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell. This mentorship, combined with experiences from living with strongman legend Bill Kazmaier and overcoming personal adversities—including a near-fatal injury—shaped Craig into a coach with unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience.

Craig’s coaching career is as diverse as it is successful. He has written multiple books, contributed to over twenty magazine articles, and has coached a wide range of athletes, from World Champions to a 67-year-old achieving 17 bodyweight pull-ups. Craig's holistic and inclusive approach to coaching, coupled with his own dramatic personal achievements, make him a perfect fit for Subflow.

A Success Story with Subflow

Craig’s relationship with Subflow began as one of our very first power users. He found us organically and quickly leveraged our platform to scale his coaching business to six figures in under nine months. His success story is a testament to the potential of Subflow’s platform, especially his impressive 90%+ client retention rate.

Empowering the Community

As VP of Coaching, Craig will be focusing his efforts on empowering coaches, trainers, and business owners to create community-driven strategies, launch courses, and replicate his success on a grand scale. Subflow is committed to empowering professionals in the fitness, health, and wellness sectors to take back control of their audience, increase revenue, and foster a supportive community. Craig is the ideal leader to guide our users in achieving these goals.

Subflow’s mission to make coaching more accessible and affordable, coupled with a strong community element, is perfectly aligned with Craig’s philosophy. His life and career are a testament to the power of resilience, knowledge, and community support in achieving remarkable goals.

We are excited to embark on this new chapter with Craig Bongelli at the helm of our coaching division. His incredible journey, from overcoming personal and professional challenges to achieving significant success in the coaching world, embodies the spirit of Subflow. Together, we look forward to empowering more coaches, creators, and business owners to achieve their full potential and transform lives across the globe.

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Welcome aboard, Craig. Here’s to building stronger, healthier, and more connected communities together. 🦏