The Challenges Sari Faced as a Private Practice Dietitian

Sari Imberman launched Fun With Food as the business encompassing her work with private clients. As part of her business, she offers 1:1 coaching sessions and the occasional topic-focused group sessions, all while also producing and sharing free social media content.

Sari found that many potential clients were interested in learning more about nutrition and changing their family's feeding style; however, they were not booking sessions. Families couldn't justify traditional sessions' expense or time investment. Instead, these clients often turned to engage with Sari's free social media content or public Facebook group.

Clients who had engaged Sari in the past for 1:1 coaching would often reconnect for follow-up questions or communication that ultimately resulted in unpaid time on Sari's part. As a result, Sari knew she needed to find a way to monetize the valuable content and support she provided her clients. She also needed to develop a lower-priced service offering for those interested in nutrition support but unable to commit to more traditional coaching.

Three key elements would make her new offering successful: 

  1. The ease with which she could offer this service 
  2. The price of this product must be relatively affordable 
  3. The product needed to create a scenario for her audience to stay more engaged for longer

The Solution: Offering an Affordable Easy to Manage Membership

Using Subflow, Sari launched her SMS Membership as the solution that provides her audience with quality content and support at a fraction of the price of her one-on-one services. In addition, the SMS membership allows Sari to convert her audience to a $77 recurring monthly membership.

The Fun With Food SMS Monthly Membership includes:

- access to a google drive of PDF and video resources
- twice a month, live group coaching calls
- an invitation to her private Facebook community group
- daily SMS tips and reminders on how to apply the information learned

The varied multimedia content Sari shares as part of her membership experience - is easily linked to within the text of the SMS messages sent to her members.

The Subflow platform automatically handles all the recurring payment processing, making monetizing her membership easy. Ease of use was essential to Sari as she didn't want the hassle of executing subscription payments as part of her business administration.

Sari has been utilizing Subflow's broadcast feature to communicate with all her members. She regularly sends them tips and guidance in a way that works at scale for her. Still, members receive an experience of personalized and direct communication. In addition, the 1:1 messaging feature allows members an extra benefit in that any of their replies to broadcast messages are kept private between Sari and the individual members.

Sari has found that by utilizing Subflow, she can provide a much higher level of service to her clients and do so in a scalable and profitable way.

"I finally feel confident in my service offering mix! Now, I have the ability to offer my clients either a low cost, simple to follow self led membership or one on one private sessions at a higher price. Both offerings together create an opportunity for virtually anyone to work with me."

In 40 Days, Sari has Added $15k ARR Fun With Food.

Launching a Subflow-managed membership has allowed Sari to offer services to a much wider audience and continue to scale her business sustainably.

After an initial 30-day period in which she trialed her membership offering with a small pool of early members, Sari has now opened her membership to her broader audience. She converts her audience to her membership through social channels, email marketing, her website, and partnership opportunities in which she is engaged.

In the 40 days since launching her Fun With Food Monthly Membership using Subflow, she has generated an additional $15,000 in Annual Recurring Revenue for her business. In addition, her profit margin on this revenue is well over 90%, which means that this is high-quality, profitable growth for her business.

Sari has been able to scale her business and reach a larger audience without sacrificing the quality of her services or the time she spends with each client. She attributes much of this success to Subflow's simple membership management tools.

"I'm still really surprised at how satisfied my subscribers are with my membership. Since launching, I have received no complaints or direct requests for more support or involvement. Because the membership is so straightforward to manage, I now have plenty of time to take on new partnership engagements, work with more private clients and continue to grow my business."

Suppose you are a health professional looking for an innovative way to reach and serve your clients. In that case, we highly recommend launching an SMS membership using Subflow. Then, you, too, can experience the immediate benefits of converting your audience and securing recurring revenue for your business.