Coaches, make the most of your time while also growing your business.

It can be difficult to generate leads and keep in touch with clients on social media. On average, your posts are only reaching 10% of your followers. This means for every ten followers, only one is seeing your post. 

The good news is there are other strategies you can use to grow your client base & community. We’ve put together a list of tricks to leverage your coaching offers while saving time and money. These strategies make it easy to cut through the noise, beat the social algorithm, and get increased community engagement. 

Check out the tips below to help you earn more with your coaching program. 

Use a Texting Tool to Improve Engagement

With 95% open rates, texting your clients is the fastest way to reach them. Say goodbye to your promotional emails being lost forever in email junk folders. An SMS strategy puts your content at your audience’s fingertips, promoting a quick opt-in or reply.

Wait. It gets even better.

One of the biggest perks of using a texting tool to improve engagement is the community-first mindset. The more you focus on creating a subculture of inclusivity and community for your clients, the more you’ll see the fruits of your labor. Hold clients accountable for their progress with your coaching content, cheer them on, schedule follow-ups, ask questions, and craft a community-centric upsell within Subflow’s platform. 

Most SMS platforms provide unique phone numbers so you can add a personalized touch to your coaching business while maintaining your privacy. 

To save even more time, you can use reusable text message templates, which let you write your content and send it as often as needed. Combine this with automations, and you can create a coaching program that essentially manages itself! 

Saving time on the back end of your business gives you more space to focus on your clients.

Offer Paid Subscriptions for Exclusive Content

Give your audience reasons to become loyal customers with paid subscriptions.

Generate even more recurring income by offering subscription-based coaching services. Apps like Subflow make it easy for coaches to create different subscription tiers, automatically delivering coaching materials to your clients. payments faster with the same security standards used by major online retailers. People gravitate towards exclusivity, and your coaching program can deliver exclusive content to the device they use most.  

Here are a few sample subscription tiers you could offer:

Power Your Coaching Subscriptions With Automations

You’re already providing valuable advice every time you meet with your clients. To grow your coaching business beyond 1-1 consultations, you can quickly create reusable videos, documents, and text message templates to send to your clients. 

Instead of giving the same advice to each client over and over, you can easily make videos, documents, and even podcasts that your clients can quickly access on the device they use most. Once you add your coaching materials to your subscriptions, they will automatically be sent on a regular basis to your subscribers. 

It takes a little more time to prepare these materials, but once they’re made, you can create subscriptions that deliver your program materials automatically! 

Here are just a few tips for automating your coaching program.

  • Personalize your onboarding process with a welcome video so your subscribers know what to expect.

  • Provide content as soon as your subscriber signs up to keep them interested. 

  • Give just enough value in your free subscription tier to establish a connection and leave your subscribers interested in your premium subscriptions. 

  • Always test your automations by sending them to yourself first to ensure your program delivers exactly the way you want it to. 

With Subflow, you can easily create free and paid coaching subscriptions that automatically deliver personalized content to your subscribers that they can access whenever needed. 

Before You Go

You can take your coaching business to the next level by creating SMS-powered coaching subscriptions. Try Subflow for free and see how easy it is to

✅ Create and grow coaching subscriptions 

✅ Upload and deliver your videos, documents, and coaching podcasts to your subscribers without needing to download an app

✅ Reply to individual clients using reusable text message templates

✅ Create professional landing pages for your programs in minutes

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