You're a busy personal trainer or nutritionist, and have an existing client base but don't know how how to scale your business. What if I was to tell you there was a way to build a product that could reach millions of people around the world utilizing the most used communication medium in the world, text message? In this article I want to share some ideas on how you can grow your recurring revenue by offering virtual fitness and nutrition services leveraging text messaging.

What is Subflow?

Subflow is a sms-based subscription builder that helps you convert your existing following into paying monthly subscribers and acts as your interface between you and your clients. Easily send premium content direct via text-message to your audience, manage users, and collect recurring payments to grow your brand and revenue.

Why SMS?

Let's take a look at SMS and some of the ways SMS can help you build new recurring revenue streams. SMS can be considered as one of the best channels to reach and engage your client base; it is direct, instant and extremely personalized. SMS has been proven to increase engagement between brands and their audience by 300%. SMS also allows you to deliver value direct to the user without getting lost in the daily email noise or convincing your users to download yet another app . SMS is used by almost everybody on planet earth, so SMS can be considered as a channel that allows you to reach people from all over the world.

The SMS text messaging channel is already the number one method of communication in the world. Instead of recreating the wheel and forcing SMS users to use a new app, you could offer them something they are familiar with. With Subflow, creating SMS subscriptions products are made easy. All you have to do is create your subscription product, prepare your content, and start driving your existing followers to sign up. Subflow partners with the leading payment provider "Stripe" to make subscription billing secure and effortless so you can focus on deliver value and content direct to your users via SMS.

What are the benefits for my clients?

SMS is the number one method of communication in the world. It is a safe, easy and familiar way for your clients to continue getting support from you even when they are away or busy with other things.

Your clients can access your coaching and programs anywhere in the world. Whether your client moves away, travels for business, or just likes to work out from home, SMS can keep them on track and connected to you.

SMS is an accessible platform for all ages, genders and fitness levels. SMS doesn't require a large time commitment, new downloads or a large learning curve, so your client with be able to stay consistent in their workouts no matter what life throws at them.

How is this better than existing fitness apps?

Let's face it. There are hundreds of apps out there promising to deliver superior experiences for their users but simply fall short on delivery. They are often overly complex, hard to use and have tons of features that your clients will never use. Your clients pay you for you! Accessible programs, motivation and accountability are the key ingredients to getting your clients the results the are looking for. In our opinion, the best and easiest way to do this is by SMS.

Instead of logging points for every meal you eat or watching countless workout videos of other people getting fit, imagine being able to have your favorite trainer or nutritionist directly in your phone for only $45/month...simply by texting "subscribe" to their number!

What are the benefits for my fitness/nutrition business?

Most small businesses are confined by the physical location where they operate. With Subflow, you can bring on clients from all over the world and deliver premium value with a click of the send button.  SMS is the most effective way to communicate on a one-to-one level with your clients.

Subflow allows you to connect with new customers while maintaining established relationships from anywhere in the world. Getting subscribers for SMS isn't just about acquiring more clients, it's also about keeping them engaged and growing their loyalty through constant communication channels

4 steps to building your first text-based fitness program?

Step One: Build a SMS subscription product in Subflow.

  • Create a SMS subscription service. This is where you create the name of the SMS Fitness Program, set monthly pricing, and generate a link where your customers will signup.

Step two: Develop your content strategy

  • Determine what content and services you will provide to your clients for each product.
  • Organize your content that you want to be sent to your clients via SMS. This can include workouts, meal plans, motivation tips, and more.

Step three: Market your subscription

  • Drive your existing followers to your SMS subscription by announcing it on social media, emailing existing clients and by adding it to your website.
  • This program can be looked at as a "buy up" for other  services that you offer.
  • You could create SMS-based virtual fitness programs as an add-on to personal training or nutritionist services you offer in person.

Step four: Focus on your clients

•Subflow makes establishing a subscription product and delivering content easy so you can focus on delivering superior value to your clients.

Learn more by visiting or contact me directly at for a demo of the platform and how we can help you create your SMS-based virtual fitness programs today!