What's Included in the Free Plan

✅  Unlimited Contacts

Add unlimited clients to your Subflow account that you can engage with email, chat, and more.

✅  Community Chat & Feed

Create a thriving community around your content with open and gated chats.

✅  Unlimited Subscriptions

Generate recurring revenue 24/7 with easy to customize subscriptions that can be shared instantly.

✅  50 Community Members

Choose 50 of your top clients who can can access your most exclusive content, feeds, and chats, and more.

✅  10 GB Content Storage

Get 10 GB of storage for your videos, PDFs, photos, and more. Additional storage is available with premium plans.

✅  1,000 Marketing Emails/mo

Design & send marketing emails in minutes using a drag & drop email designer.

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Subflow FAQs

What can I do with my free Subflow account?

How long does setup take? 

Does Subflow take a percentage of online subscriptions? 

How do I enable text messaging?

Do you offer any support or training resources to help users get started with your software?

Can I send SMS messages to people in other countries?