Craig Bongelli’s

Ultimate Coaching Strategy

Learn how to retain 90% of clients after 3 months, work 2 hours per day, and create the coaching business you’ve always dreamed of.

Learn The Dream Coaching
Strategy For Only $245

The current coaching model is broken...

The average coach only retains 6% of their clients after 3-months using apps 👎

But Craig Bongelli has developed a new strategy that retains 95% of clients after 3 months, generating more revenue, and he only works 2 hours on this per day!

With this 90-day virtual program, you’ll get content texted to you every week along with access to Craig’s exclusive coaching community.

Why You Need THis Course


✅ Videos & strategies texted to you, and you can text me back
✅ Access to my exclusive coaching community
✅ Live AMAs & webinars to answer questions

✅ Guidance with creating workout & health content
✅ Reusable titles & custom animations
✅ Software discounts


✅ Methods for retaining 90% of clients after 3 months
✅ Tips to get a pipeline FULL of eager referrals
✅ How to work only 2 hours per day
✅ My secret sauce for building a thriving community
✅ Media production tools, tips, & more